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I’ve sort of become part of a wedding culture in the last few months.

Last year I didn’t know anyone (in my peer group) who was married or getting married. Now I know 8 people who are engaged and getting married in the next two years.

I can now sustain a very long conversation about wedding plans, guests, venues, food, invitations and engagement rings.

And it’s seriously fun.

In the spring, Quonya and Doug who I met in Newcastle are getting married in Edinburgh. This summer my friend Annie from high school is getting married in Ottawa. My old roommate Taylor’s wedding is in July, and both Kristen and The Chris are bridesmaids.

And in October of 2012, Chandra is getting married and I’m a bridesmaid. Seriously, I couldn’t be more excited. It’s like a big party that you spend two years planning! And I get to help! I get to make invitations and help pick a photographer and watch Chandra try on beautiful dresses! And then I get to wear a beautiful dress too, and sit at the important wedding table! I feel like such a grown up!

I’m in no hurry at all to plan a wedding of my own, but I’m really happy that close friends of mine are getting married soon and I get to experience it all. And then I’ll have lots of ideas in five years when I might start thinking about doing it myself. Maybe.

For now I’m just excited for all my friends. And the parties.