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The end of sleepless nights

Oh, WikiHow. What would we do without you and your step by step guides to a better life? From microwave cake to this year’s hottest Halloween costume, WikiHow’s got us covered.

And so, I bring you: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Take notes.

Weblink Wednesdays: Alternate Lexicon

If I had my way, every person I know would have a blog, so I can find out what they’re thinking about at all times. And so I have something important to do while wandering through the internet.

I met Ali the same way I met Fae, online through geeky RPG groups. I’ve known her just as long, though I don’t know her anywhere near as well as I’d like to. That’s why when I clicked on the link to her blog last night, I was so excited to catch up on her life.

What I found both surprised and inspired me. I always knew Ali was brilliant, but her blog surpassed my expectations. It’s a personal blog, but it talks a lot of Ali’s recent self diagnosis with Asperger’s and her thoughts on autism and the autistic community. It’s thoughtful and so damned smart that it made me feel very inferior.

So I thought I’d feature it on my Weblink Wednesday in hopes that you all check it out too!

Alternate Lexicon

Weblink Wednesdays: Gnome

You may or may not have noticed that I have an obsession with gnomes. My sister and I collect gnomes and gnome paraphernalia. I have a traveling gnome statue that I bring with me everywhere, so he can be in pictures. My sister and I call each other Gnome, and make cheesy gnome jokes.

That being said, I am happy to live in a world where something like this exists:

Weblink Wednesdays: Ellipsis

Sappho said that the only love in which a woman could grow was with another woman. In her poetry, she painted a picture of a community of young women, of poetesses, who loved and shared in a way that would not be possible after they were married off to a men chosen by their fathers, passed on like the property they were in the ancient world.

Sexuality was fluid in Ancient Greece. Men, too, believed that the only intellectual relationship could be formed with another man, and that the only true beauty was masculinity.

As soon as I found this site, it struck me as modern day sapphic poetry. Ellipsis is a daily dedication of the love of one woman for another. It’s beauty took on a more tragic note recently, as Mayday’s post last week marked the end of their relationship. But trust me, it’s worth reading back in the archives of this site. It’s just so lovely.

Weblink Wednesdays: Target Women

Sarah Haskins is a genius. Her series Target Women looks at how the media advertises to women, and mocks it mericlessly. In a hilarious, sarcastic way. All of the episodes of Target Women are great, this is one of my personal favourites:

For more wonderful Sarah Haskins, visit The Current.