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Beautiful poetry

I awoke this morning to a beautiful gift from Kitty.

Kit’s the poet I always wished I could be. Seriously, her poetry is so beautiful and vivid, it takes my breath away.

And she wrote this for me.

Another Ariadne

I have seriously talented friends.


All I’ve got is
and rainbow coloured socks
and shaking hands
and a few words
black and blue and red
Faded jeans and a t-shirt
and goose bumps on my arms
and hair that’s red and brown and blonde
and blue eyes lined in black
An affinity for fiction
and a love for music
and yellow walls
and castles in the clouds
and cat hair on my pillow
A guitar pick in my pocket
and two cents
and all I’ve got is
and letters on the floor

Autumn Storms

Red leaves on burning bushes dot the hillside
Passing through the window in the blink of an eye
A litany of empty thoughts floating by in the clouds
And every time I fail to pin them to the page

Tire tracks line the cracked and dirty roads
A speed that offers no heroes or villains
Simply the endless fight to catch one’s breath
Strapped in facing forward, but looking back

The distance offers little more than mountains
Beautiful and looming in their silent solitude
Painted in shades of red and orange for fall
Unflinching, they send roads the long way ’round

The sun sets and colours the sky to match the trees
A spectacular finale with which to end the show
Without applause or heavy curtain’s fall
It quickly fades itself to shadow’s hue

A second set of stars shine for me alone
Looking up through eyelashes that sparkle
Like tears, they blur the stars and meld to one
As if I’m seeing it all through Van Gogh’s eyes

If I should falter or maybe lose my way
Perhaps take off my shoes and rest for a day
Would the road remain or be washed away
When autumn storms roll through the hills?

I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting some of my old poetry. The ones I liked when I wrote them and don’t hate now. This one actually won me a poetry contest and $75.

Weblink Wednesdays: Ellipsis

Sappho said that the only love in which a woman could grow was with another woman. In her poetry, she painted a picture of a community of young women, of poetesses, who loved and shared in a way that would not be possible after they were married off to a men chosen by their fathers, passed on like the property they were in the ancient world.

Sexuality was fluid in Ancient Greece. Men, too, believed that the only intellectual relationship could be formed with another man, and that the only true beauty was masculinity.

As soon as I found this site, it struck me as modern day sapphic poetry. Ellipsis is a daily dedication of the love of one woman for another. It’s beauty took on a more tragic note recently, as Mayday’s post last week marked the end of their relationship. But trust me, it’s worth reading back in the archives of this site. It’s just so lovely.

Oh papaya

Papaya, don’t peach.
I made up my rind, I’m keeping my baby spinach.
Papaya, can you pear me? Papaya, can you peel me?
Papaya, peas forgive me, I still lychee you best.


For more Grocery Line poems by me and Fae, visit my post about them or hers.