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Not quite what I was planning

It all started with PostSecret and asofterworld. I soon moved on to Found Magazine, Common Ties, One Sentence.

When I read on the PostSecret website that there was a book of six word memoirs by the editor of Found Magazine, I knew I had to buy it. Within a week, I did.

Not Quite What I Was Planning was amazing. Can you summarize your life in six words? The book was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous six word memoir: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” It was hilarious sometimes, heartbreaking others. And the best part is that it’s a book that you can pick up whenever and just read a few.

Some of my favs:

“Wasn’t born a redhead; fixed that.” - Andie Grace

“Tell your story. That’s my story.” - Andy Goodman

“The road diverged; I took it.” -Rachel Farris

“Lived in moment until moment sucked.” - Janine Goss

“My life’s a bunch of almosts.” - Shari Bonnin

A couple I’ve thought about for myself:

“There’s nothing quite like a song.”

“Loves easily, dreams big: the end?”

“Happiest pretending to be someone else.”

“Still waiting for life to begin.”

I could speak in six words forever. I think there’s another one of these books coming out soon. I can’t wait.