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You’re so vain

This post is about me.

Okay, ALL posts are about me, in some way. It’s my blog, after all.

But this is a different sort of vain self-indulgence.

Yesterday, my friend Chandra and I went to get our hair done. As part of the package they also did our makeup and took some “glamour shots,” of sorts.

Chandra and Me!

We weren’t too sure about it. We’re both sort of awkward in front of cameras unless it’s what we call a “stuck at the head” shot, where one of us is holding the camera at arm’s length and taking our picture where we look like siamese twins attached at the head.

But I think they turned out quite well.


I am sitting in a circle. WOO!


And my beautiful friend Chandra:

Char looking all sophisticamated!

I think this looks like a magazine ad!

Sexy Charmander!

And, of course, after being serious for like an hour, we revert to our natural state:

"Is it bad that looking at you makes me laugh?" "Probably."

Number 94 on my list of 100 things is “Pose nude.” Who knows when that will happen, but at least now I have some beautiful pictures while clothed!

All around me are familiar faces

My brand new Macbook Pro arrived on Tuesday. Since then I have been spending most of my time setting it up just as I want it, tranferring things over.

For the first time in years, I was able to put the majority of my photos on my computer. The harddrive on my Compaq was very small, so I kept everything on my external. But the Macbook has a lot more space. And so, on Tuesday night I imported all of my photos from the last four years into iPhoto.

There are so many of these that I haven’t looked at in ages. There are even some high school pictures thrown in.

I’ve used iPhoto on and off since it’s creation - I’ve always worked with macs, at the newspaper and at both of my photo store jobs. It struck me as a fairly useless program designed mostly to annoy me.

Not anymore. Not only can I organize all of my albums by location (on a map!) but iPhoto now has this great feature called “Faces.” It’s like Facebook, but for your computer. So you “tag” people’s faces in photos and then you can search all of the photos of a person by name.

I was flipping through pictures, tediously tagging away when suddenly boxes started appearing on their own. Convinient! And then about five pictures into the album:

“Is this Kristen?”

A square right around Kristen’s face.


Apparently iPhoto can identify people! And it really liked Kristen. It now gets her in almost every picture.

And now I bring you something I found in the depths of my external hard drive, back from when I had purple hair and didn’t sleep much…


Notice the fingerless gloves. I think they make me very emo.

Sometimes I’m straight…

Saturday’s a good day for shameless vanity. As you probably know, I love my hair. Some of you may even know that the first thing that I’m attracted to on a guy is good hair.

But did you know I have a theory about my hair?

I am a curly haired person. I have a curly haired person’s personality. I have embraced it, and me and the curls have come to an agreement… in which I agree to spend lots of money on them, and they agree to curl in some degree of style so that I don’t have permanent bad hair days.

When I was in high school, my friend Lindz used to call my straightened hair (on the few occasions I had three hours to kill to get it that way) news anchor hair. I couldn’t agree more. I always had an overwhelming desire to wear pastels when my hair was straight. See, you can tell my hair isn’t supposed to be straight. I don’t have a straight person’s hair cut. My hair is really thick and has a lot more volume than the average actually straight hair.

All of this being said, about three or four times a year I straighten my hair. Out of boredom or curiosity or sometimes for a special occasion (even if the special occasion is that I want an excuse not to shower the next day and still have good hair.)

Last night, Kaitlyn came over before we went out to her brother’s band’s concert (WHICH WAS AWESOME!) and I told her to bring her straightener so she could do my hair. As you can see in the pictures I posted on that post, Kaitlyn’s hair is naturally even curlier than mine. But she’s been straightening her hair for years. So she has a heavy duty straightener and even my stubborn hair was no match for it.

I took a picture to commemorate the rare occasion of my having straight hair. I like it, but not as much as my curls. Also, I’m bored because Kristen and Taylor are making me wait around to go book shopping.

That red-headed girl.

For the first 20 years of my life, I HATED my hair. It was the bane of my (and my mom’s) existence. I would have given anything for straight hair. For hair that wasn’t so thick. For something other than what I had - which was, in chronological order: a Beatle’s bowl cut, a boy hair cut, the “lion head” fro, a perma-ponytail, kool aid hair, bright purple hair, dead burgundy hair.

But now… I love my hair. It’s my favourite thing about me. It’s certainly the thing I spend the most money on. Now, when I straighten my hair it just doesn’t look like me. I do it about once every three or four months for the shock value - but I feel like a different person. I feel like my hair really reflects my personality.

I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for over 6 years. She’s a genius. I trust her completely, and I know she’d never let me leave with bad hair. She’ so busy that I have to make my appointments over three months in advance, but that just means I have to be organized.

It’s worth every cent.