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Keyboard issues

Fae and I entertain me:

Hez: What i with my s’s?
Fae: hehe
Hez: Hold fuck!
Fae: My precious.
Hez: hahahhaa
Fae: *dies*
Hez: Hold fuck.
Fae: Is that a new position?
Fae: hahah
Hez: That’s an order!!!
Hez: Yes.
Fae: hahaha
Hez: Actually, it’s a very old one.
Hez: From the dawn of time.
Hez: Ice Age, actually.
Fae: “And on the 8th day, God created the Hold Fuck.”
Hez: Winter comes.. and Hold Fuck!
Hez: hahahahhaa
Fae: *dies*
Hez: *is laughing like an idiot*
Fae: Ice Age 3: Hold Fuck.
Fae: hahah
Hez: That’s wrong.
Fae: *dies*
Fae: Oh but the God comment wasn’t?
Fae: I love your logic.
Hez: It’s a childrens movie!
Hez: hahaha
Fae: *giggles*
Hez: God is always hilarious.