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Keyboard issues

Fae and I entertain me:

Hez: What i with my s’s?
Fae: hehe
Hez: Hold fuck!
Fae: My precious.
Hez: hahahhaa
Fae: *dies*
Hez: Hold fuck.
Fae: Is that a new position?
Fae: hahah
Hez: That’s an order!!!
Hez: Yes.
Fae: hahaha
Hez: Actually, it’s a very old one.
Hez: From the dawn of time.
Hez: Ice Age, actually.
Fae: “And on the 8th day, God created the Hold Fuck.”
Hez: Winter comes.. and Hold Fuck!
Hez: hahahahhaa
Fae: *dies*
Hez: *is laughing like an idiot*
Fae: Ice Age 3: Hold Fuck.
Fae: hahah
Hez: That’s wrong.
Fae: *dies*
Fae: Oh but the God comment wasn’t?
Fae: I love your logic.
Hez: It’s a childrens movie!
Hez: hahaha
Fae: *giggles*
Hez: God is always hilarious.

a toast…

To all the ones who hated me the most, a toast. You really had me going for second.

I’m jealous. I’ll admit it. I’m jealous of my friends from high school living in Europe right now (my work visa expires soon…). I’m jealous of the people who actually get what they want, sometimes. I’m jealous of the people who get to screw me over and still live their happy lives. I’m jealous of anything that’s free.

I’m also jealous of the bird that flies and the fish that swims. But no matter how much I wish it, I’ll never be them either.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from being me it’s to never give someone else the power to control my getting what I want. Because I’ll always lose. Whatever I do get, I fight for tooth and nail.

Am I the poster girl for some suburban sickness? Better keep a healthy distance.