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The sound of settling

The house was cold and quiet. It was that first morning that marks the end of summer. It smelt like the first day of school. The previous day’s hot weather had left windows open and fans on at night, but by morning my toes were sticking out of the blankets and the cold woke me up. The tiles in the bathroom were icy and the crisp, cool air drifted through the house, bringing with it the smell of burnt toast and coffee from downstairs.

It was a Tuesday, which has been garbage day here for as long as I can remember. I could hear the stop and start of the trucks loading the bins at each house on our street. The first day of school was always a Tuesday. When I got out of bed I had to stop and think for a minute, it felt like it could have been five years ago, the end of summer vacation and the first day of another year of high school. Too early after months of sleeping in. Too cold against my summer skin.

That’s how I knew that summer was over, because Tuesday smelt like the first day of school. Like fall.

Today it’s barely warm enough to be called summer and I wore a sweater all day. Today my flip flop-clad feet had goosebumps. Our all-too-short summer is over, after only three months of rain and three blistering weeks in August.

Summer at Chris' cottage, shot by me on 800 iso (expired) 35mm film