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Geek break!

We now take a break from our scheduled programming to bring you a special segment on Geekery.

I got a blog award! And not just any blog award, but a Geeky one. And not just any Geeky award, but a girly one, too. So great!

Eleni, my awesome geeky friend over at RPG Called Life, awarded me this the other day:


Which makes me so happy, because 1) Eleni is an awesome geeky girl whose blog I love and 2) I am a geek and proud of it!

The rules:
List ten geeky facts about yourself and…
Pass this award onto your favorite female geeks!

1. I met four of my best friends online, through various RPG clubs based on the Tamora Pierce books that I read when I was a pre-teen. I was obsessed with these books and spent a lot of my time writing and talking about them with Fae, Ali, Kitty and Lea. I wanted them to be real. Hell, I still want them to be real. And Fae and I still write using characters that trace back to those books original.

2. I speak a bit of Quenya (a Tolkien Elvish language) with Fae. We used to know more, because we wrote characters who spoke it. Now we just speak it to each other - our conversations, emails and letters nearly always end with “Namaarie melamin vanima” (”Farewell my love, beautiful [Fae]“) or “Amin mela lle”(”I love you”).

3. I can recite the entire Rent soundtrack from beginning to end. I’m obsessed with musicals - particularly Rent, Wicked, Spring Awakening and Aida.

4. I am a huge Diablo II freak. I love that game and have spent many, many nights playing multiplayer with my friend Kaitlyn. I also loved Neverwinter Nights, but my computer wasn’t good enough to run it. I recently became obsessed with Fable II. I love fantasy rpgs.

5. I correct people’s grammar and spelling constantly. In person and on Facebook. Also, one time I was bored an took a red pen and corrected all the sentence structure errors in our local newspaper. It was appalling. There are few things in life that make me as happy as a red pen and someone else’s hard work.

6. I watched all ten seasons of Stargate SG-1 and all five of Stargate Atlantis between September and December of last year.

7. I’m a huge history Greek. I’ve studied Greek and Latin (albeit poorly). I’ve read most of the Greek and Latin authors (Homer, Ovid, Seneca, Aeschylus, Plautus, Herodotus, etc.) I can go on for ages about mythology.

8. I was a huge Pokemon fan as a kid. Enough said.

9. I once had a conversation with Chandra about the Julio-Claudian dynasty as we were getting ready for the day, before 9am. I know this is similar to #7, but it’s too good of an example.

10. My favourite part of working in a museum was dressing up in the period costumes. I firmly believe that I was born in the wrong time period. I also love Renn Faires and anything else that involves dressing up and pretending.

And now I want to award this to:

My friend Kitty, who I mentioned in #1, who is a fellow fantasy geek and classicist.

The Chris from Always Standing, who plays WOW, among other geeky things.

My Faerie, fellow Elvish speaker who loves all the geeky things I do, plus comics and more video games.

Also, if you haven’t read it yet, read why I think Geeky girls are so awesome: Top Ten Reasons to Love a Geeky Girl.

Top Ten Things I learned from Fable II

I wrote this list a while ago, back when my Xbox wasn’t dead or across an ocean. But I just found it on my computer and decided to post it after all, and meanwhile reminisce about how much I loved that game.


Top 10 Things I Learned from Fable II

1. I can’t be evil.

Seriously, I can’t. Not even virtually. For those of you who haven’t played Fable, a lot of the game revolves around making choices that effect the outcome of the game. You can choose to be a good hero or a bad one, or somewhere in between. Every time I tried to choose something that would qualify as “evil” or “bad” I would feel guilty. In fact, there was one quest with no “good” outcome, and after being traumatized by it the first time I played, I refused to do it in any subsequent games.

2. Everything you need to know you can learn from books.

If you want to learn a new facial expression, pick up a book! If you want to teach your old dog new tricks? That’s in a book too! As an academic, I definitely agree with this philosophy. Even though I’m fairly certain that the seduction techniques that you might learn from a book would probably not have the the desired effect.

3. If people like you, you get free shit.

That is, after all, how the world works, right?

4. Scars are bad, until you’re a hero.

In Fable II, you can’t really “die.” You simply get knocked out and wake up with a few more scars. By the end of my first time playing through, I was covered in scars. Every time I would go into a village people would say how ugly I was. Until I saved the world. Then they all immediately fell in love with me. Go figure.

5. People will inevitably walk too slowly in front of you.

Just like in real life, the computer controlled characters in this game walk really slowly in front of you. Right after telling you to follow them. Very frustrating.

6. It’s hard to get through childhood.

When I first started playing Fable II, my Xbox wasn’t working. It was nearly impossible for me to get through the first part, childhood. Once I got through it (saving every two minutes) I was fine for the rest of the game. I guess it really is hard to grow up!

7. The Chicken Dance is hilarious.


8. My spacial sense is horrible.

When I was playing online with Fae, I would continuously get stuck in corners and have to restart, because I couldn’t get out. The first time I played, I bought a house… and then I couldn’t find it anymore. Because I simply couldn’t navigate my way around a virtual town. It was just too much for me.

9. Blond haired people are good, brunettes are neutral and god forbid you should have black hair!

If you play online, the second person because your sidekick and they’re asked to pick from a few different character designs. The “Good Female” is blond, of course. “Neutral Female” is a brunette, and the black haired chick is super scary looking.  The same thing happens with your character… your hair gets lighter or darker based on your choices. Your dog changes colour too. Very strange.

10. I actually do want a dog.

I never did, before. I’ve always been a cat person. But the dog in Fable II is so adorable! And when you upgrade you can get a husky! I paid real money for that husky…