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Baby likes to dance

I love dancing. So much so that I’ll stick it out at a club playing music I hate. I especially love dancing to live bands playing awesome 90s rock songs, and DJs playing 80s and 90s dance music.

I used to equate dancing with drinking. But this year I’ve realized that I can have just as much fun sober (or nearly.) Last night, I got really drunk when Fae and I went to 80s night at a local bar. So drunk that I am now sitting in bed, afraid to move much in case I throw up.

I’m going to be 22 this summer. I really need to realize that I can’t drink like I’m 18 anymore and still function the next day.

I’m considering giving up drinking for the summer.

I’m going to learn to have more fun sober. Maybe…

Hit me baby one more time

We had the best night on Friday. We went to the Dance Mix 95 party at the Cabin. The Cabin is NOT a place I would normally go¹ but this was a ticketed special event. The theme was obviously the 90s, and we put a lot of thought into our costumes. We bought white tshirts and tie-dyed them on Wednesday night. I bought magenta leg warmers, scrunchies and had my parents bring over my converses.

The night went really well. Needless to say we all got really drunk, as we have a tendency to do.² They played the best music. Britney.³ Spice Girls. Backstreet Boys. Cotton-eyed Joe. It was awesome. We danced all night. And I wasn’t even too hungover for work the next day. Anyway. These pics are the result. I have such a good time going out with my girls!

¹ The only other time I’ve been was years ago. I was not impressed, the floors were sticky.
² Especially this month. Every single weekend.
³ From back when she was entertaining, if not good.

Live like there’s no tomorrow

#7. Dance like no one’s watching.

Last night was by far one my best nights out with the girls yet. And the funniest thing was that it really didn’t work out all that well, but we had a great time anyway. First of all, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go out to begin with, because I still wasn’t sure if I could drink after the New Years fiasco last week. But then Chris came over for dinner, and we started getting ready to go out, so I had a beer. I love the getting ready part of the night, that everyone gets to dress their hottest, wear makeup and clothes they don’t normally get to wear.

We went over to Kyomi and Tessa’s house next, to continue the pre drinking. And after a game of Kings, a game of hockey, and three more beers I was definitely excited to go out. Unfortunately, we had difficulties getting a cab (or making it downstairs before the cab left…) so we didn’t get downtown until after a 11. This is a problem, because it’s widely known that you’ll never get in if you get there after 11 on a weekend. The line ups are jut too long. We waited in line for a long time (I even went to my sister’s work to pee, came back and they still weren’t inside). Finally, we gave up. As we were walking around wondering what to do (and getting more and more sober and cold) some guy came out of a door nearby and said “Hey, this is the best bar ever! Come in!” So, obviously, we did. It was not the best bar ever. It was actually a really expensive bar that played dance club music but no one was dancing.

Well, after having a vodka and lime (I know, broke the resolution already….) I decided I was going to dance, because that was why we came out! So I dragged Kristen on to the “dance floor” (aka the open area in front of the bathrooms) and we danced. I spent at least an hour out there, with Kristen for a bit, then Chris, then Kyomi and Kristen. And I was having so much fun! I was sober enough that I think it took guts to keep dancing when everyone else in the bar was watching and I did it anyways. We owned that dance floor.

The reason for #7, for me, was always to be comfortable enough just to do whatever I wanted to do, regardless of other people. And I did that last night. And I loved being that person. I don’t think I’m going to let her go.

“Work like you don’t need the money.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Dance like no one’s watching.
Sing like no one’s listening.
Live like there’s no tomorrow.”

The end of 2008, beginning of 2009: an epic

I was just talking to Fae and telling her my stories from the last two days, and she suggested that they were very entertaining and I should write about them. So, in an effort to avoid doing Canadian History (which I’m very good at avoiding), here is the recap of my New Years fun.

Let me preface this by saying that vodka is not my friend, and my 2009 New Year’s resolution is not to drink anymore hard liquor.

LMac and I traveled to Toronto for New Year’s last year, which most of you know. We had a really good time, especially the getting ready together and drinking wine part. So we decided that we wanted to do something similar this year. Originally, we were going to go back to TO for a party, but we ended up staying in Ottawa. And we traveled to my apartment instead.

I made a great dinner and we started drinking early. At about 5. We thought we’d have some of the Smirnoff Cosmopolitan mix she brought. First ingredient: vodka. Bottle: empty by the end of dinner. We were having a great time talking and eating and drinking. We started into the giant bottle of Wild Vine that I’d bought. Steph phoned and said she was coming over soon, and we realized that it was about 8:30 already. I think. Anyway, whatever time it was, we decided to get ready. Amazingly enough I was still able to put on liquid eyeliner, despite the fact that we’d already finished the bottle of wine between us. Clearly, it was time for beer!

Steph arrived and we all drank more. Called a cab to go to Lindsay’s party, eventually left because I thought I’d heard it honk outside. As we’re going down the stairs I see one of the girls from Apt 2, who I’d never met, so I pause to say hi.. and fall own the stairs. And I don’t just mean trip down a few stairs. I actually fell, face first, from the top landing to the bottom. Didn’t feel a thing though! Until the next morning. While we were waiting for a cab for I helped the girls from Apt 2 break in through their fire escape.

Eventually we get to Lindsay’s. You might think that after falling down the stairs me or someone else would decide that I should not be drinking anymore. Nope. I had a couple of beers after that.

Fast forward (but not much) to 10:50pm and I’m passing out on Lindsay on the couch. “Heather, do you want to go lie down?” “I can’t! It’ll be midnight in 10 minutes!” “No…. an hour an ten minutes.” “Oh, okay. Good idea!” So I go lie down in Lindsay’s bed. Someone brings in bucket. I want to say, for the record, that if the bucket hadn’t been there, I would’ve gotten off my ass and gone to the bathroom. It was just convinient that I could still be comfy while throwing up! Especially since I was doing it for the next two hours, and missed the countdown. Anyway, major props to Lindsay for taking care of me and being awesome.

At about 12:30 I’d stopped throwing up, so I got up and rejoined the party. Mostly just to see when we were planning on going home. I take one look at Steph, across the room, and say “She’s next.” Which she was. Less than half an hour later, she was throwing up in the bathroom. We’re such great company! There was this guy there who’d been hitting on her all night, and as soon as I came out and she disappeared, he switched to me. I actually told this guy that I’d spent the last two hours throwing up and he continued to hit on me. Classy.

Eventually, I go home with Kaitlyn, LMc and Jess, and LMac stays back with Steph and they take a cab later. We all pass out.

Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day feeling like I was going to die. I could barely move. Poor Steph I think was worse.

Of course, we’d already made plans to go to 90s night at Barrymore’s yesterday night, so after mopping around all day I finally showered and got ready to go out. Though our numbers had dwindled greatly since the original plan (from 9 to 4) we still had a really good time. I, obviously, wasn’t drinking, so I drove Kaitlyn’s car even though none of us ended up drinking anyway. We got there a little early, sat down and hung out. Until Ain’t Nothing but Mammals by the Bloodhound Gang came on and, having flashbacks to grade 6 dances, I made everyone get up and dance with me. The DJ then proceeded to play mostly 90s hip hop… which I clearly don’t know, instead of the greats like BSB, Hanson, early Britney… So we got a little bored during that.

BUT. A constant redeeming factor of the night was the stage dancers. There’s a part at Barrymore’s that’s a stage when they have a band, but you can dance up there during dance nights. And apparently, this guy with a silver jacket comes every 90s night and gets really into it, dancing around on the stage. So, Silver Jacket got up and did his thing, and I found it oh so amusing. But then it got better!! On to the stage steps a guy in a suit and cowboy hat. He also starts dancing around, totally into it, but with a lot more country in his step. Now Silver Jacket and Cowboy are having a bit of a dance off.

THEN a guy wearing a hawaian shirt and sunglasses (inside at night) comes on stage. And all three of them are competing for stage space and dancing so different, near each other but in no way with each other, barey acknowledging each other, just playing it up for the crowd. This continued all night and was hilariously awesome to watch.

Another highlight of the evening: The music finally got better and they played MmmBop, Cottoneye Joe AND SAVAGE GARDEN! For anyone who doesn’t know, Savage Garden is my first love. They played I Want You, which was AWESOME and I’d never gotten to dance to it in public before! It made my life! And yes, I do know all the words.

So anyway, we went to Kettleman’s for bagels on the way home and generally had some good sober dancing fun! Which is an interesting contrast to my adventures the night before.

And that is the story of how I rang in 2009, and why I might never finish Canadian History.