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Wherein Conservatives are stupid and Pierre Poilievre is a "twerp"…

I’m sitting here watching the election results and I’m despairing about how I’m not represented at any level of government.

I consistently vote in my home riding, though I could have voted in Ottawa Centre this year. The problem is that Barrhaven (or Nepean-Carleton) is all upper middle class families. Who vote Conservative. And so, in all of the elections I have ever voted in I have consistently voted for a losing candidate. Or, better yet, against the winning conservative candidate. Municipal election: Jan Harder won. Provincial election: Lisa McCleod won. Federal election: Pierre Poilievre won again.

I have particular problems with Pierre. To quote my granny, he is a “twerp.” He consistently says stupid things in Parliament that discredit my riding and insult me as a Canadian. He schmoozes with the locals to buy votes and licks the boots of Stephen Harper and John Baird. He can’t think for himself - when he tries he just proves he can’t. He’s the youngest member of Parliament in history. It’s a discredit to young people everywhere.

So, as we enter another Conservative minority government, I’m weary of the future of our country and all the thing I value about Canada. The only hope I have is that the Liberals will axe Dion and give us a good leader that can get Harper out of power.

It’s a sad night to be Canadian.

On a lighter note, if Stephen Harper is Spongebob:

Then Pierre is definitely Patrick: