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Bush shaping

This commercial annoys me. The whole idea of the double standard of women having to shave or wax their pubic hair really angers the usually relatively tame feminist in me. I’m not the only person I know who’s had that conversation with a guy. When I wrote an article on waxing for the Charlatan last semester, one guys I asked said “Yeah, I’d ask a girl to wax.” And then I asked him if he’d wax he said “Hell no, that’s way too painful!” Damn straight it’s painful! It’s a good thing women are more tolerant of pain if we have to go through having hairs ripped from our most sensitive parts to look “sexy.”

So here is yet another commercial that shows that girls should strive to have perfectly shaped bushes, with a brand new razor that I’m sure will give millions of women uncomfortable in-grown hairs. Seriously, who has time to shape their bush into a perfect circle?

Free your skin? Why not free your bush?