Category: 2am writing exercise

Don’t look back

Take three steps out the door. Don’t forget your toothbrush. Don’t look back. Grab your bag, load the trunk, and drive away. Turn right at the fork. Take the quick way. Show your passport, check your luggage; stand in this line and that one too. Board your plane.

Seat back and tray tables locked; don’t forget to tighten your seat belt.

Don’t breathe too deeply. Don’t wake your neighbour. Don’t even think about peeing.

Take a bus from the airport. Check into your cheap hostel. Don’t forget to lock up your valuables. Take a shower before 6am. Remember your earplugs. Don’t disturb the couple hooking up in the top bunk.

By flashlight, make a list: top ten, free tours, the best restaurants for £10 or less. Dog-ear the pages, study the maps. Remember.

Walk the streets and ride the buses. Mind the gap. Don’t forget to eat lunch.

See the wonders, explore the castles, and don’t forget to take a few pictures. Wear your headphones and listen to songs, but not the ones that bring you home. Don’t look back.

Don’t pick up the phone. Don’t tweet, text, or update. Keep walking. Keep seeing. Keep on.

Take care of yourself. Don’t look back. Don’t look back.