C'est moi!

C'est moi!

That Red-Headed Girl

I go by a variety of names including Hez, Hezza, Hezabelle, Dud and Head and usernames like hezrock, wild_magelet and spin_melody, but my real name is Heather and I usually answer to that or any of the above.

I am the proud owner of a Bachelor of Journalism in Journalism and Greek and Roman Studies. It’s hard to fit on a CV, trust me. Also, it abbreviates to a ‘BJ,’ which I have greatly enjoyed. Actually, it’s safe to say it’s the only part of being in journalism that I enjoyed.

I also have an MA in Greek and Roman Archaeology from Newcastle University in England.

I’ve currently working at my dream job as the Education Manager at a museum in Ottawa, Canada, and dreaming big of a career in museums.

The Blog

I started this blog in February of 2008, over at Blogger. I moved it over to this domain name about a year ago. Since then it’s gone through many stages of regular and not so regular updating.

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