The moon

I sparkle on the quiet ripples of the lakes, and filter through the shadows of tree leaves. The oceans run to meet me, like faithful dogs. I’m a lantern for furtive romances, a beacon for misadventurers. My friends are lost, lonely, sleepless. Wanderers like me. My greatest hope is that I bring them comfort, and light in the darkness. There is serenity in silver light that pierces the darkness. I wish to drive away the fear of night, but at times my power wanes. Or I am I caught behind curtains.

I no longer remember the time when the earth was new, and I know that now my light seems less bright from there. An eternal fear of darkness has lit up the nights in ways I couldn’t manage. It has driven the mystery to the shadows, and drowned serenity. But some times of year still belong to me, some moments are mine alone. The sleepless moments where you pace by the window, uncertain of changes, as you always are. The infinite moments of looking up at the sky and feeling part of a bigger whole. The passionate moments reserved for darkness, softened by my light. Those are the moments that we share. Moments of quiet and thoughtfulness.

I leave reluctantly at dawn.

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  • By Fae, February 16, 2014 @ 11:04 pm

    The moon is so lonely. :( I love it.

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