Late November

Late fall is a rusty crown on tree tops as the first white dots cross the sky line and disappear on the cracking pavement. The first lights twinkle in branches and building tops as the sun sets. Our breath takes shape in the air. I remember this feeling; the first snow, the cusp of winter. The anticipation of what’s to come - the cold nights and warm lights and the scrapbook moments.

Today is laden with memories of another day. It is a slow motion reel playing on the walls behind us as we talk about how things have changed in the last two years.

A day spent with her reminds me of a weekend two years ago, with cold and winter hanging in the air of another city, another country. London, 2009: an adventure in small indulgences. Champagne, high tea and the best of brownies. A misguided attempt to walk the city in brand new heels. A failed venture to eat dessert for dinner. A hilarious experiment in balance on ice; we were skating at the Tower of London and she fell when I fell, to laugh with me on the ground.

In late November, I think of how time passes. How can London be two years ago? How can we be where we are now? How are we going where we’re going?

Late fall, or early winter: it’s the first of many snow falls. A different country. A different day. But still an adventure in indulgence, filling the walls of spa with the same chatter, despite the “Silence Please” signs all around us.

Chandra and I at Westminster Abbey, 2009

What I’ve learned…

In the interview for my current job, they asked me how I defined success. I said that I know everything can’t always be perfect, but I consider it a success if I’m able to learn something from it.

I was pretty impressed by my answer. So, it would seem, were they.

But I keep thinking about that concept, especially this month. In my new job, I learn something new nearly every day. And, I’ll admit, quite a few of them are by learning from mistakes.

I want to get back in to my writing. This time last year, I was writing my book for NaNoWriMo. Now I spend my spare time watching Extreme Couponing or the Food Network. My excuse is that I spend the majority of my work day writing - emails, reports, proposals, etc. But it’s not really an excuse.

So I’m going to get back in to posting here by talking about what I’ve learned this month.

I learned that you should always backup your computer. Yup, I learned that the hard way when my hard drive failed while installing Snow Leopard and I then spent two weeks trying to figure out if I was ever going to be able to see hundreds of pictures again. 300 dollars later, I have them. And a new hard drive. And an appointment with Time Machine every Sunday morning.

I learned that when you budget your money too tightly, something inevitably happens that you have to spend a huge amount of money on but can’t afford. See above.

I learned that New York City isn’t so bad afterall. And that the best part of a trip can be eating good food with a person you love.

I learned that when your museum director says jump, you write a million e-mails about your plan and then jump. Even if you think it’s a bad idea, because they’re your boss.

I learned that when you really need it, someone will help you out if you just tell them your problem.

I learned that you have to get over being shy, quick, when you’re at a conference where the sole purpose is networking and getting to know as many people as possible.

And I learned that food tastes better when someone delivers it to your room and you get to eat it in bed.

I don’t know how much I’ll follow through with my renewed posting here, but I’ll give it a shot.