Beautiful poetry

I awoke this morning to a beautiful gift from Kitty.

Kit’s the poet I always wished I could be. Seriously, her poetry is so beautiful and vivid, it takes my breath away.

And she wrote this for me.

Another Ariadne

I have seriously talented friends.


“Sometimes people ask me how you can be best friends with someone you only see twice a year. All I can say is, when it comes to Fae, my other half, how can I not?” - March 9, 2009

There have been times in my life, crying in front of a computer screen, that the distance has seemed like too much. Times when all I want is to be able to be there for my best friend the way you’re supposed to be. There with a pint of ice cream. There with a hug. There with a shoulder to cry on.

Somehow, we made words enough. Black and white on computer screens or cell phones. Words have power, and usually that was enough.

It’s not enough this time. The words are useless. Being here for her isn’t as good as being there for her.

There is a whole new level to long distance relationships. The part that means when something awful happens, you can’t be there in an instant. Can’t sit beside the hospital bed. Can’t hold her hand. Can’t make her soup.

The distance has been killing me for 34 days. It has never seemed for far. I have never ever felt so useless.

me and my girl in Baltimore last fall

But I wish my car could drive to her tonight
Then I’d know everything is gonna be alright
Yes then I’d know it’ll be alright

-Joshua Radin


I believe that last post was my first drunk post…

Let me just say that wine + PMS + mysterious drink + a realllly long few weeks = crying in a car.

Good thing I have friends for that. <3