The longest night

Stay up all night with bated breath, pressed against cool windows, frost spreading over glass. Watch the mottled snow, the hushed world under dancing Christmas lights. The sleepless.

Those who see ghosts around corners, whose memories dance like unwanted sugarplums. The lost, the lonely. The ones who would rather forget, those whose heart aches to remember. Those who wait under mistletoe or airports or for phones to ring. Those whose fingerprints wear the edges of photographs. Those who ache to wake up next to someone. Those who wish to escape. Those looking for a way home, driving further and further with each tired tire mark.

Watch the world drift to away and hope it comes back.

Those who stare past their reflection. Those with masks, those with grandiose plays and moves to hide behind. The silent. Those who bear the burden of the people they could have been, those who sink under the weight of their what ifs.

Those whose only hope is to survive this and hope for morning. Who think: if I can get through this, the longest night, surely I can get through what’s to come.

lights by me

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