Some things you can’t keep

I want to see mountains again.

In my beautiful hotel, nestled in the enchanting mountains of Delphi, I wrote about shades of blues. I never knew that such a cool, subtle colour had so many hues until I saw the mountains. I never knew that there was a place you could watch the sun set over seemingly infinite shades of blue. A sweeping spectrum that took my breath away, that I failed repeatedly to capture perfectly on camera. Some things are just for looking. Some things you can’t keep.

On a train from Venice to Rome, I was struck by the beauty of the sky. Low wispy clouds, I wrote, running into mountains. Some dark grey-blue, others cracked with the yellow of the setting sun. A double rainbow from the train window, olive tree lined lazy roads in the sun. Rushing by the window.

I sat on a hill below a castle in Edinburgh, and I thought about stories. Of the stories we tell and the ones we keep and the ones, both kept and shared, that haunt us forever. I wrote about castles and fairytales and the dreams that I had to tell these stories, too.

Last year, I never had to be bored, because the next adventure was a week or a month away. There was a new place around each corner and a picture to take out of each window, from each park bench. There were seemingly endless possibilities. There was a dark and stormy sea, there was a hot and sandy beach. When I blinked, the world was a photograph. When I spoke, it was the pages of a history book.

How’s that for a pedestal? Gilded, gleaming and seven feet tall.


  • By steph, November 25, 2010 @ 1:37 pm

    beautiful my darling, you really must write. i need to read some of your current stuffs which would be easier if you would maybe email me some possibly maybe?

  • By Eleni, November 26, 2010 @ 6:00 am

    Shades of blue…A couple times, I have looked at the sky just before dark, and thought to myself, “That shade is why blue is my favorite color.” The camera just can’t capture it.

    You had an amazing year last year. At least you can keep the memories (and the photos were pretty darn great :). But I understand the feeling.

  • By Chandra, November 26, 2010 @ 9:39 am

    :) oh Europe…

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