The PhD…

Because I’m proud to bursting, I must announce that My Theseus was actually quite good. At least according to the powers that be at Newcastle University, who gave me a distinction. For those of you not familiar with academic marking in the UK, from what I gather they go up to 80 instead of 100. A 50-59 is a pass, 60-69 is a merit and 70-79 is a distinction. I got a 73.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing My Theseus, which was what started me thinking about academia and the possibility of doing my PhD. I started looking up programs and possibilities. The current leader in my doctorate fantasies is John Hopkins University and their awesome PhD in Classical Art and Archaeology.

Since I got my mark back last week, the PhD has been on my mind even more. With that kind of mark on my dissertation, my odds of getting accepted into a PhD are much higher. It’s a very large stepping stone on that path, if it’s the path I want to take.

But do I?

There are valid points in each column of the yellow legal pad.

Dr. Heather Montgomery has quite the ring to it. But a PhD is another 6 years of school with no guarantee that I’ll be able to find a job at the end.

I’m meeting with the head of the PhD at John Hopkins next week when I’m in Baltimore. There will definitely be more discussion about a future in academia in my life…

For now, I’m trying to focus on how awesome it is to be Heather Montgomery, BJ, MA.