Why Gmail is the best email to have

I subscribe to the Gmail Blog. Yes, I’m a nerd.

I have been using e-mail for over ten years now, and I have been through countless email carriers, all with their own special glitches and annoyances. About two years ago, I finally switched to Gmail, and all of my e-mail woes have since disappeared. Forgot to attach something? Gmail will remind you. Computer froze in the middle of a long, heartfelt email to your best friend? Gmail’s got it saved automatically in Drafts.

A while back I posted about Gmail’s drunken e-mailing service, trying to save email users everywhere from embarassment. Now, they’ve stepped in to conquer 1/3 of fmylife’s everywhere: Google can now prevent you from accidentally emailing someone the wrong thing.

Apparently, if activated, “Got the wrong Bob?” remembers your common groupings of recipients and asks you to double check if it thinks you might have made a mistake. It can also keep you from “forgetting” to send your birthday invitation to your fremeny. Hmm, I guess you can’t use that excuse anymore.

Check it out:


And if you haven’t already, get Gmail!

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  • By steph, October 15, 2009 @ 2:15 pm

    i dont have gmail… should i get it? heh heheh

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