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I have been struggling through this book for nearly a month. It’s not long at all, it’s just that I found it less than thrilling. Maybe that’s my fault - I mean, is anything thrilling after a vampire Viking in lycra? No.

Anyway. When I read Geraldine Brook’s Year of Wonders, I found it quite compelling. The characters were sympathetic, the setting was intriguing and the plot was capativating. It was only that the end was pretty odd. So when I saw her new book, People of the Book, at the store, I figured I would enjoy it. It’s about a woman who’s restoring an old Jewish manuscript that’s survived centuries of war and persecution.

It wasn’t as exciting as it sounds. At all. I very rarely give books a bad review, but I really didn’t like this one much. I found the characters very flat and not at all compelling. The book was very well researched, but I found that Brooks tried to continuously show just how well researched it was. She added in facts more as a list than as details important to the plot or setting.

Geraldine Brooks is a journalist writing fiction. To me, she writes like a journalist writing fiction - too much fact based and not nearly enough emotion or literary flare.

This being said, most readers probably wouldn’t notice this - and I didn’t notice it in Year of Wonders. But I’m trained in journalistic style and I know it when I see it.

People of the Book got a lot of really great reviews and it’s acclaimed almost everywhere. But there wasn’t anything in it that spoke to me at all. It was, at best, interesting.

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  • By Jes, August 30, 2009 @ 10:23 pm

    Yes. Nothing is better than Vampire vikings in lycra. Nothing.

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