Left and Leaving III

My life has a soundtrack. Music is, and always has been, a powerful force in my life. Because of this, some of the most significant bonds I form with other people involve music. I’ve dated people before who didn’t like music in any way, and I always knew that it wouldn’t work out. It just means to much to me, and someone who can’t understand that I don’t think would ever be able to fully understand me.

For my birthday this year, I asked my friends to give me something that I could take with me, that reminded me of them.

Laura Laurent gave me music. Three beautiful mix CDs full of songs I didn’t know, songs I loved. And I’ve been listening to them ever since. I have more than a dozen new favourite songs, thank to Laura.

Laura Laurent isn’t her real name. Well, Laura is. But Laura Laurent comes from the Bright Eyes song of that title. We’ve always shared a love for music, and Bright Eyes was a favourite.

Do know we’re in high demand, Laura,
us people who suffer?
Because we don’t take to arguing
And we’re quick to surrender.

But you should never be embarrassed by
your trouble with living.
Cause it’s the ones with the sorest throats,
Laura, who have done the most singing.

In high school, I did a series of photographs of Laura that I titled Laura Laurent. It was my first time working in a studio by myself. Laura’s a photographer too, so it was more a joint effort than anything else. It was one of my favourite photographic projects. I really loved the result, because it was about both of our creativity.

If I had to define my Laura Laurent in one word, it would be ‘creativity.’ She’s so incredibly talented at so many things - she’s in a New Media program and she always creates such beautiful and interesting things. We shared our misery in first year, at Carleton together, and I’m proud of her for turning around and leaving, going to do something she acutally liked. Something more worthy of her creativity.

It was fitting that we spent our last night in Ottawa together at a 1920’s themed Carnivale. It suited.

Laura left for Toronto today, to live with Kaitlyn. I’ll miss my Laura Laurent.


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