Weblink Wednesdays: Ellipsis

Sappho said that the only love in which a woman could grow was with another woman. In her poetry, she painted a picture of a community of young women, of poetesses, who loved and shared in a way that would not be possible after they were married off to a men chosen by their fathers, passed on like the property they were in the ancient world.

Sexuality was fluid in Ancient Greece. Men, too, believed that the only intellectual relationship could be formed with another man, and that the only true beauty was masculinity.

As soon as I found this site, it struck me as modern day sapphic poetry. Ellipsis is a daily dedication of the love of one woman for another. It’s beauty took on a more tragic note recently, as Mayday’s post last week marked the end of their relationship. But trust me, it’s worth reading back in the archives of this site. It’s just so lovely.


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