Planning Committee undertakes location scout for Retreat

*For immediate release from the Department of Corporate Planning and Infrastructure*

On Friday July 10, the Planning Committee of the 2009 Corporate Retreat successfully undertook a preliminary strategic operation. The team effectively scouted the first location of the Retreat, and through such investigation was able to identify areas for further planning and research.

Although the Corporate Retreat was originally scheduled for this date, the shift to a later date was thought to be best for all parties involved, allowing for proper preparation and organization by all. Most importantly, this will provide an occasion to further pursue options for corporate attire and a more thorough planning of proper locations and the best possible routes.

The Planning Committee attended a serving of refreshments at a predetermined location in Kemptville, Ontario. The lovely locale of Frank’s Diner was able to cater to all of the Committee’s needs. Preliminary examinations of the area proved fruitful and it was chosen as one of the most important locations for the real Corporate Retreat, now re-scheduled for August 7, 2009.

First impressions of the chosen media for the Retreat were very positive. All parties involved were highly optimistic for the outcome of the August 7th event, and have now commenced planning with more zeal and determination than ever before. Events have been well documented and will be shared as part of the media kit for the Corporate Retreat.

Please direct all media enquiries to the Communications Assistant. Any and all comments will be directly responded to in order to encourage an attitude of openness and clarity involving the events of the upcoming Corporate Retreat and Friday’s location scouting.


Ah, the wonders of spin. I didn’t spend 4 years in journalism for nothing!

In short, Kaitlyn got food poisoning (not from Frank’s though!) and we had to cut it short and reschedule. But it gives us time to buy cowboy hats and find me some plaid, since I was the only one not wearing any on Friday.


  • By Faebala, July 13, 2009 @ 12:07 am

    I have to admit, I’m rather disappointed after a weekend of no updates and wondering how the corporate retreat went - to find out that it didn’t even happen!

    Too bad I can’t fly up and join you for this corporate retreat. Now that I’m a part of any corporation. I could be an intern.

    And do you want me to ship you your Zombie flannel? I’m pretty sure I still have it somewhere, hahah.

  • By Kaitlyn, July 13, 2009 @ 7:47 am

    On the plus side, i think i’m almost all better! :\ … As I said, I’m fasting before the next one, juuuuust in case

  • By Jes, July 13, 2009 @ 11:10 am

    hahaha…I think I got an e-mail today that read exactly like that!

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