Blood lust

There’s a fine, fine line between pain and pleasure.

It seems these days that the world has caught a case of blood lust. Vampires have long been part of pop culture, through the Victorian era until now, but even before then they were legends. And what draws us to vampires, of all mythical creatures?


Vampires and sex are synonymous. There is no such thing as a chaste vampire. And more importantly for us mortals, there is no such thing as an ugly vampire. You’d think something that had been dead for centuries would be less than appealing. After all, vampires are monsters, wild. And all other mythical monsters - werewolves, cyclopses, harpies - are scary. Vampires are scary in a sexy way. Nevermind scaring your socks off, they seem to jump straight to the pants.

In Interview with a Vampire we lusted after Lestat and Louis. In Buffy, teens all around the world dreamt about Angel and Spike. And now, with Twilight-mania, a new generation is literally asking for Edward to bite them.

I’ll admit, I read Twilight. In fact, I read all four. And I saw the movie twice in theatres. Why? Because vampires are hot.


And finally, last September, HBO gave us True Blood: a show chalk full of sex, drugs, blood and most importantly - vampires. But True Blood wasn’t jumping on the bandwagon (or careening race car) of Twilight, as it may have seemed. True Blood is based on books by Charlaine Harris, the first, Dead Until Dark, published in 2001. Which bears remarkable similarities to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, published years later. Sookie Stackhouse is a mind reader, drawn to vampire Bill Compton because she can’t read his thoughts. Edward Cullen is a mind reading vampire, drawn to Bella Swan because he can’t read her thoughts. Edward is a “vegetarian” vampire. Bill is “mainstreaming” after the release of synthetic blood.

You see, this is a key factor to the sexy vampire stories. We don’t want a monster story, we want a story of redemption. Angel is “cursed” with a soul, and so we (and Buffy) fall in love with his tortured past. Edward wonders if he has a soul, and wants desperately to be a decent person, a normal high school student. Bill moves to a small town in the American south in an attempt to rejoin society. Louis is the sympathetic character, who feels guilt at the deaths he has caused. Lestat is the monster.


Last weekend I read Charlaine Harris’ Dead Until Dark, and it was everything I hoped it would be - a grown up version of Twilight. Without the sexual frustration, but in the same fluffy first person style. A romance novel, almost, with vampires and murder mysteries.

Yesterday, I watched the first episode of the second season of True Blood. The show is a lot “classier” than the books - Allan Ball (American Beauty, Six Feet Under) adds a level of sophistication and danger to the books to make it into this enticing, sexy show. In true HBO grandeur.

Vampires are sexy, folks. And they’re also really popular right now. And if you have a problem with that, you can bite me.



  • By Faebala, June 16, 2009 @ 11:14 pm

    Nice cheesy last line, haha.

    I have to agree that vampires are super sexy, long before Edward came around who is IN FACT not sexy at all. He’s really ugly. AND he sparkles, which makes him not even a vampire. And the more popular it gets, the more angry it makes me. I read Dead Until Dark before Twilight was even out, Brandi loves that series. And she had me read the first one but I never got to the rest. If you like those, read the Anita Blake series - which is also a graphic novel series now. But the books are by Laurel K. Hamilton. She’s a vampire HUNTER, but the book features your usual super sexy male vampires. And no teenage-censoring of sexual frustration.

    But I have to disagree that all vampires are sexy. Nosferatu is not a sexy vampire. At all. He’s quite hideous, but really cool and very sexually driven to his goal victim - a popular actress (in the movie, anyway). As are most versions of Dracula.

    I guess I get mildly protective of vampires in this new annoyingly popular, teeny craze because I grew up with Brandi - and vampires to her are elves to me. So that was instilled in me back when vampires were still thought to be pretty gross and more of an underground cult following.

    That being said - read “Companions of the NIght” by Vivian Vande Velde…. I love that book so much! It’s teen-y, and you’ll probably get through it in a day, but it’s no Edward. And, they talk about how vampires wrote my favorite song “Unchained Melody”. hehe.

    So ends this super long message.

  • By Lisa, June 17, 2009 @ 11:30 am

    Vampires are EVERYWHERE. Well, not really (at least I hope not!), but you know what I mean…movies, tv shows, books, etc…

    I haven’t seen True Blood yet, but I did see Twilight. Edward was definitely hot.

    I wonder what it is about vampires that people find to be so sexy though…I have a friend that is becoming obsessed and is reading anything and everything relating to vampires. Addicted to True Blood and the Twilight series.

    For me though, they scare the crap out of me! LOL. But I’m probably the only one who feels that way.

  • By Court, June 17, 2009 @ 2:52 pm

    I just started watching True Blood two days ago! I streamed the first episode but I have 2 DVDs from the first season waiting at home for me right now…

    I’m not a fan of Twilight though. If True Blood hadn’t gotten such good reviews and wasn’t so dark, I wouldn’t have touched it with a ten-foot pole. I only got through the first few chapters of Twilight– it reminded me too much of those awful books I used to read before you converted me to normal people books, haha.

  • By Mr. Apron, June 18, 2009 @ 9:09 am

    I love sex.

    But bleeding scares me.

    That shit belongs on the inside.

    N’ya mean?

  • By Laura, June 18, 2009 @ 4:48 pm

    The Vampire Post. Perfect. I knew when I was 13 and reading Anne Rice that some day the rest of the world would catch up to me. drooooool. Eric rocks my world.

    ps Why didn’t you mention Eric?????

    ppss and after reading the next two Sookie Stackhouse books, I am expecting a werewolf post as well.

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