Number 22

#22 on my list of 100 Things to do Before I Die: Buy a really expensive item I don’t need.

This is the story of my Xbox.

When I went to visit Fae in April, she introduced me to the game Fable 2 on her Xbox 360. I have never been a huge gamer, but I do love a good fantasy rpg. Fable 2 was gorgeous and so fun. It reminded me of a prettier, more plot based Diablo. And I have been a Diablo girl since Diablo II first came out.

I have never owned a video game system before. I had friends growing up who did, but I was never really passionate enough about any game I tried to want to play it at length. When I played Fable 2 I couldn’t get enough. And so I decided to buy an Xbox 360 on Ebay, used, for less than half the price of a new one.

It shipped very quickly, and I had the system in a couple of days. I had to wait a few more days to buy the game, more my pay cheque to come in. Finally, the Thursday I got paid I rushed to EB Games and bought a copy of Fable 2. I got home and immediately put it in to play.

That’s when Fae texted me excitedly to sign up for Xbox Live so we could play together. I went to sign up and the Xbox told me it had to install some updates and then I would be able to play.

Three and a half hours late, I was ready to go to bed an the updates were finally done. I would have to wait until Saturday to actually play. But it was okay, because Fae and I were going to have our first nerdy gaming date.

Saturday morning arrived and I woke up before 10, very excited to get started. I popped the CD into my Xbox and signed on. I started playing the game again, just barely starting the first quest.

That’s when it froze.

I spent the next three hours starting and restarting the game and the system, on the phone with the Xbox hotline half the time and Fae and Sean the other half of the time, trying desperately to figure out why everytime I started Fable 2 it froze less than a couple of minutes in.

Finally, around 2pm the Xbox people decided that I had a faulty console. Luckily for me, I had bought  it from a really respectable guy on Ebay, who had a 7 day exchange policy. I shipped it back the next day for a new one.

Yesterday when I got home, another Xbox was waiting for me. I opened it eagerly, this time anticipating the hours of updates and not asking too much from it. So last night I let it do it’s thing, and at about 8pm it was finally ready. I got up to put the game in and play some Fable 2!

Only to discover that I have somehow lost the CD for my game.

There are two options. Either I left it in the first console. Which sounds like something I would do. But since it’s so much something I would do, I remember thinking exactly that and checking. Or at least I think I did. The other option is that somehow between this week and last the CD got moved and no longer wants to be found.

Either way, I have not been able to play Fable 2 at all yet. And I can’t afford to buy the game again, at least not right now.

#22 on my list was designed to please the capitalist in me. To give myself something for the sake of it.

Clearly this is a lesson that capitalism is a bad idea. The truth is that capitalism is never over, there’s always something else to buy - even if it’s justified by trying to improve something else. And in the end, how much of this stuff do we really need?


  • By Faebala, May 27, 2009 @ 4:31 pm

    I am very sad that our wonderful XBOX Dating experience turned completely sour before we even had a chance to GO on our first XBOX date… it’s so frustrating. :( I’m almost afraid for you to find your CD for fear this adventure will turn even worse if you pop it in and it just freezes again.

    I’m sorry I convinced you to buy this…! Although to be fair you made me sit online and coach you into buying it… hehehe.

  • By Jess, May 28, 2009 @ 10:31 pm

    What about if you contacted said respectable ebay guy to see if you did in fact leave the game in the console, just to have the knowledge either way that you did or didn’t?

    My “expensive” purchase was a used Playstation 2 from my friend Desiree. The system itself cost me $40. It was buying Rockband, Rockband 2 (plus the drums, guitars, etc), an expansion pack for more songs, plus numerous cheap games from EB that’s made it overly expensive.

  • By Eleni, June 2, 2009 @ 11:43 pm

    That’s so tragic. I am very frustrated and sad on your behalf. I hope you will get it all sorted out soon and be able to enjoy many hours of RPG goodness :-)

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