The one where Hez failed

Okay, here’s the thing. I’m good at school. It’s what I do best. I’m a good writer and when worse comes to worse I can bullshit just about anything and still get a decent mark.

I don’t fail.

I can count the number of times I have failed on less than one hand. A 45% on a French test in Gr. 7. I’m pretty sure I failed my final exam in Ancient Greek in first year, but I still consider it a success since I didn’t throw up and I passed the class. It is likely that I failed one or more Latin test this summer. (Notice that I kind of suck at languages?)

That’s it. I graduated high school with Honours. I’ve been on the Dean’s List, I’ve gotten scholarships. My grades are good enough that I got into every grad school I applied for.

I was supposed to take Canadian History first year. It’s a requirement for a journalism degree. But I hate Canadian History and was pretty sure I would eventually drop journalism. Well, I didn’t. So I planned to take Canadian History last summer. The one summer that Carleton didn’t offer it. I was left with only one choice: Athabasca University.

Athabasca is an online university. I paid them $1400 for six credits (equivalent to one full credit in my system). They sent me a billion text books. I left things to the last minute, as I usually do. I ended up writing four essays and two exams in three weeks. On the first course I got 85% on both essays and a 70% on the exam. Not great, but whatever. I wasn’t looking for much. On the second course I got 65% on both essays (had to rewrite one..) and…. a 38% on the exam.

38%?! I was shocked. I had studied. Granted, I hadn’t slept and I had written another exam right before it. But… I answered all the questions! In essay form!

So I had to take the exam again. Two weeks ago, I once again killed myself studying for this exam, trying to absorb Canadian history as best I could from a textbook.

This time, I got 37%. Seriously?!?! I can’t get my head around it, and I’ve wanted to cry ever since I found out. I don’t fail things.

I’m appealing the mark. And I’m praying to WHATEVER IS LISTENING - I just need 50%. I just need to pass.

I can’t even be mad right now, because I’m so desperate.

If I don’t pass this, I will not be able to graduate in June. And I have no idea what happens then.

Please please please please please.


  • By Court, April 9, 2009 @ 9:54 am

    That’s BS!! Clearly someone at Athabasca can’t do math. Grrr! Happy thoughts and good mark vibes are coming from me…

  • By Faebala, April 9, 2009 @ 10:36 am

    I’m wishing and hoping and praying hard for you too, love. I can’t wrap my mind around it either. you’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and I can’t ever see you failing.

    I relaly really REALLY am hoping that this works out fine….

    I love you so much. I’d be devestated for you. I’m more concerned with this right now (in fact, I was talking about it at dinner last night and Sean was ALSO shocked when I told him) than the fact that I may once again have to spend months job searching.

    (in a moment of bad humor, my word verification for this comment is “faill”. Nice, blogger. Real nice.)

  • By Christine, April 9, 2009 @ 12:18 pm

    This has been a totally rediculous experience for you, that you completely don’t deserve. I’m sure it will get sorted out. I not only wish you good marks on the appeal but that the appeal shows those in authority what a crackpot this prof seems to be and then they fire them, so this can’t happen to other talented students. Hope this gets sorted out soon so you can stop stressing!

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