Coming and Going

“I think if we ever wrote a book about us - it would be called Coming and Going. Because that’s what our memories are always full of.” - Fae

Running to meet her at the Dublin airport - my iPod and headphones hit the floor with a crash and everyone around us winces. But all I can think of is how long the summer’s been and how everything makes so much more sense when she’s here.

Sitting in a train station in Pennsylvania, we’re sharing a headset and listening to Konstantine on repeat. It’s not hard to dream, you’ll always be my Konstantine. The song is nine minutes. How many times could we listen to it before we had to part ways again, for another half a year?

Got lost in the Pittsburgh airport, by the time I find her I’m almost crying. But she’s there, and it’s almost her birthday. One weekend isn’t long enough, but it’ll have to do.

Bleary-eyed, it’s just after 5am and we’re at the Ottawa Airport. It’s too cold, too early. And too soon.

It’s 2am and we’re driving around Pittsburgh. We’ve been through the Fort Pitt tunnel three times. We feel infinite. We don’t want the night to end, because when we wake up the next day it’ll all be over again.

Sometimes people ask me how you can be best friends with someone you only see twice a year. All I can say is, when it comes to Fae, my other half, how can I not?

Amin mela lle, vanima Faebala.

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  • By konfusedfae, March 9, 2009 @ 11:13 pm

    Vanima, melamin. Vanima.

    Once again, you have lifted my heart from where I’ve been dragging it around all day. I love you. I look forward to a million more years of coming and going - because between the two, is you.

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