Six Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak

I bought myself a Valentine’s Day present yesterday. Six Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak is the new release from the people of Smith Magazine, who did Not Quite What I Was Panning and have an awesome website you can post your own six word memoirs.l

I love these. I love the idea of telling a story in a limited number of words, the same way I lov the idea of trying to tell it in one sentence. Because if journalism has taught me anything, which I’m sure it has despite our mutual hatred, it’s that people use too many words. It comes to be that we waste words, that they don’t mean anything anymore because we’re always saying things. Things we don’t mean. Things we don’t need. Words are cheap. And when you only have six of them, well, you agonize over the meaning and validity for every single letter in the sentence. And the result means more than 600 words you wrote for the sake of it.

Some of the best:

“A kiss can write a secret.”
“It never hurt as good again.”
“Maybe some pots have no lids.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll make myself come.”
“I loved the idea of you.”
“Will always follow you. On Twitter.”
“Romance remembered often better than experienced.”
“Leap of faith. Shit, no parachute.”
“You were my Little Red-Haired Girl.”"
“Shh. You won’t feel a thing.”
“May I have the last dance?”

And mine?

Never loved, doesn’t mean I can’t.

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  • By Christine, February 14, 2009 @ 7:01 pm

    Two years off and ready again.

    -Christine Sweeton
    (And yes that was about love, not other things that have been on hold for 2 years as well.)

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