Ummm Chili…

A few weeks ago I made a wonderful chili recipe from the cookbook my mommy bought me for my birthday. We ate it for two weeks, and it was awesome. Usually, when it’s just Kristen and I, we have soup and grilled cheese. But last week we got to have chili instead! Then, on Friday I ate the last of it for lunch at work. So I decided I had to make more this weekend. Today, I made more.

This really is the best chili recipe. It doesn’t have any meat, and it has chickpeas. It tastes even better after it’s frozen. I love having something good to eat throughout the week. It’s well worth the work on Sunday. This picture doesn’t really do it justice (Kristen thinks it looks gross here) but it really is good!

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  • By konfusedfae, February 2, 2009 @ 12:49 am

    Ew, Chili. Haha.

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