Grad school, pt. II

Yesterday, I received my acceptance offer for an MA in Greek and Roman Archaeology at Newcastle University.

Newcastle University is in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Yeah, I didn’t know where that was either. Apparently, northeast. Now that I have two acceptances, and I know I’m going somewhere next year… I have to actually start thinking about it and the decisions I’ll have to make.

Not only is there money, choosing a program and finding a place to figure out. But this means that I am actually, honestly, definitely moving to the UK next year. There’s a lot to think about. I’m going to miss being at least in the same time zone as Fae. I’m going to miss living here, miss Wednesday nights with Kristen, Taylor and Chris. I’m going to miss my high school girlies, most who I’ve known longer than time. I’m going to miss my parents. I’m going to miss my grandparents. My sister. My cat. Plus, starting in a new country where you know no one is always really hard, plus I’ll be doing a completely new program at the same time, and living in a whole new city. And there’s the added factor that I’m essentially a very anti social person who has to force myself to interact with people.

But on the other hand, I won’t have to suffer through another horrible Canadian winter. Even rain has to be better than this. Plus, a new program! A new city! I’ll be in Europe, I can travel. I’ll finally be able to devote myself fully to what I love. I’ll get a new start.

I’m also so tired of Ottawa. There wouldn’t be much here for me next year if I stayed anyway. Everyone, every thing is slowly moving on. So I might as well get a running start, right?

I’m excited, and terrified.

Grad school, pt. I

Today I got my first acceptance into grad school. It’s for an MLitt in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Glasgow.

It’s such a relief to know that, no matter what, I have something to do next year. I was beginning to get anxious. I like to have plans. Which isn’t to say my plans can’t change, but I like to have my life tentatively sorted out in my head.

Now I just need to find the money to go!

Chaos Theory

As everyone knows, I have absolutely no taste in movies. This isn’t to say that I can’t recognize a good movie when I see it, this just means that I am perfectly able to enjoy a movie when I recognize that it isn’t good.

I’m back at my parents house this week for Reading Week, which means I have TMN and TMNonDemand. I was browsing through the movies and I found Chaos Theory. I decided to give it a try, because I really do love Ryan Reynolds, especially since Definitely, Maybe.
Chaos Theory was such a good movie. It had the right amount of thought balanced with plot, and the characters were completely compelling. Emily Mortimer was in it, too, and I really like her. Ryan Reynolds, for the first and last bit of the movie, was supposed to be about 45, and I honestly believed it! Although, I thought he was Hugh Laurie at first, which is very entertaining. The rest of the time, he reminded me a little of Jim Carrey in the Number 23. But less neurotic. Sort of.

The movie is about a man who obsessively controls his life using lists and precise organization. He even wrote a book and does a lecture series about time management. And then, after one weird night, his whole structured life falls apart and he decides to never make any decisions ever again. And so while technically the movie is about life and choices - it’s mostly about love. And it made me cry. I really enjoyed it.

I also really enjoy Ryan Reynolds with a beard. See above.

sometimes you just need to keep driving

It’s snowing on the west side
Let me take you for a ride
I’ll be Bonnie and you’ll be Clyde
See if we can get ourselves killed
Before we die

And we will drive like bandits
On the Queensway
We’ll hold hands like in the movies
I’ll say ‘oh Clyde you drive me crazy
And you’ll just capture me like it was
Armed robbery.

Sing the Four Quarters

So, at heart I’m a huge fantasy geek. I used to read all fantasy, all the time, when I was teenager. I haven’t read a pure fantasy novel in a really long time, so I really enjoyed getting back into the very predictable genre again.

The Tanya Huff books, though I have never read them before, are actually what drew me to fantasy. When I was about 11, I was wandering around the bookstore and I saw the Tanya Huff books and really loved the covers. I took one to my mom and said “I want to read this!” and she told me it was too old for me, so we went into the Kids section, and found another fantasy book. Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce. Which led not only to my obsession with fantasy, but also to my friendship with Fae, Lea, Ali and Kitty.

Given all this, I figured it was time for me to actually read a Tanya Huff book. As far as fantasy books go, it was pretty typical. It included the perfect characters, the fair government, magic, and more than the occasional typo. But how can I complain about a book with magic, a sexually open and promiscuous society and ridiculous attractive characters whose names I can’t pronounce?

Thoroughly enjoyed.