Swept away

This is too much. I passed my breaking point more twelve hours ago.

I’ve lost control over my life.

I want this to be over. I don’t see it ending well.

And I ask myself, why do I do this to myself? And why do I always think it can’t get worse?

This morning I am taking two exams, worth 50% each, for a course I’ve written 4 essays for this month. This is on top of the six course overload I’m already doing at my REAL school this semester.

I honestly haven’t been able to really breathe since August. I never thought I could be more stressed than the year I had three jobs, one of which was at 4am. Boy, was I wrong. I guess I was wrong about a lot of things, like the amount of shit I can handle and that the worse thing that could happen is an emotional break down. But no. The worse thing is being past the point of crying since September.

I guess I’ll start to walk, it’s only 1300 blocks

For 50 days I have resisted publishing my annoyance at the current bus strike in Ottawa. Tonight, I will. Through this ingenious song by a local comedian.

I’m not interested in whether it’s the union’s fault or the city’s. It just needs to end. It’s ridiculous.

Google Desktop

I’ve been meaning to look into GoogleDesktop for a while now, and today while I was reading the Gmail Blog¹, I found this: http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2009/01/get-calendar-on-your-google-desktop.html which led me to installing GoogleDesktop. I usually like anything in the Google family² and this is no exception. I now have a calendar on my desktop, the weather, Twitter, and my RSS feed. The people at Google consistently amaze me, and I’m happy they are able to offer me my Gmail, iGoogle, GoogleDesktop, Google Analytics and more for free.

Also, footnotes are awesome.

¹ Because I am procrastinating studying for my Canadian history exams.
² Except Google Chrome, their web browser, but that’s just because it needs more work.

Stuff that’s cute!

I think that I’m missing my kitty. Today, I’m dreaming about getting a kitten. And a puppy. I’ve always had a cat, and I get really lonely when there’s not one living with me. Even if it’s Socrates, who gets stuck on my wall in the middle of the night.

I think I’ve been spending too much time on cuteoverload.

In bed

As much as I hate journalism, I have always found the academic study of media interesting. I wrote an essay in first year, for JOUR1000, about censorship in the Vietnam War, specifically the coverage of the My Lai massacre. Four years later, I am revisiting this topic for JOUR4000. My essay this year is about embedded journalism, and how exposing something like the My Lai massacre isn’t possible in today’s conflicts (specifically the Iraq War) because journalists are most often in bed with the military and heavily censored (whether imposed or self censored) because of it. But the reality of way wars are fought now means that it’s even more dangerous than before for journalists to go without the protection of the military. But what price do you pay for the protection? Is the public interest served by embedded journalists?

Sometimes, journalism is interesting. Sadly, I have to finish this in the next 12 hours…