I am a visitor here, I am not permanent….

Noticed a lack of posting? Well, school’s in. And I’m trying to finally get it right this year, it’s my final chance to NOT have an emotional breakdown each semester. So, I’m trying not to procrastinate as much…. Hopefully.

I’m really just trying to get the fuck out of here and fast. I’m sad it will be over. But it doesn’t even compare to how excited I am to start the next part of my life. After all, there’s very little keeping me here, as I’ve been proved repeatedly over the last couple of weeks.

I’m so tired of being invisible, I’m just waiting to disappear on purpose.

Do I think things are magically going to fix themselves when I move overseas? Not at all. Do I still think it will be better? Absolutely.

I’ll wear my badge… a vinyl sticker with big block letters adhered to my chest
That tells your new friends I am a visitor here…
I am not permanent
And the only thing keeping me dry is
Where I am

You seem so out of context in this gaudy apartment complex
A stranger with your door key explaining that I am just visiting
And I am finally seeing
Why I was the one worth leaving
Why I was the one worth leaving

The district sleeps alone tonight after the bars turn out their lights
And send the autos swerving into the loneliest evening
And I am finally seeing
Why I was the one worth leaving

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