The boys in the trees

Another book I got for my birthday, from Kristen and Taylor.

This is a very interesting book. There’s no dialogue. There are no actual events. It’s all retrospective and inside different characters heads. For this reason, it gets a little long sometimes. But it’s also very interesting most times. I’m not sure it’s one of my favourite books ever, but it was definitely an intriguing style.

Some good lines:

“Sitting in the hard chair besides the hospital bed, he knew that what he was feeling was the rest of his life without her.”

“And in the paper-strewn kitchen in the middle of the night they talked abut how strange it was, that the person you were was perhaps formed most by all that you had forgotten.”

just breathe

I love my cottage.

I’m just trying to get enough in these short hours. Enough sun. Enough fresh air, to breath enough of that heavy earthy smell and that airy water smell. To feel enough water and grass and sand under my toes. To see enough bright purple, count enough waves.

I want this forever.

hit me with your best shot

Okay, world. I’m ready now.

love is a mix tape

I got this from Fae for my birthday. Non-fiction, it’s Rob Sheffield’s memoir of his life, through the mix tapes he’s made or had made for him over the years.

I loved it. It was as good as Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs. Better, in some ways, because it was about music but it was so personal. It definitely reminded me of Chuck Klosterman though.

I love mixes. The fact that it’s about tapes, reminded me of driving around in Blanche, in high school, playing tapes I’d made. And the way they never really worked, just like Blancher herself and just like life at the time.

Mix CDs, though, for me, are essential. Fae and I make mixes for each other all the time. I have mixes that I love more than real CDs. I make mixes that tell stories. That match moods. I’ve made winter mixes, mixes to dance to, mixes to cry to, mixes with one song for every month, mixes all about September, mixes to fall asleep to, Christmas mixes, traveling mixes, even a “people are dying mix.”

For me, the best gift is always music.

This book was a gift, it was music and life. It was beautiful. I don’t normally like non-fiction but… wow.

Good choice, Fae. <3

Seven songs

How can so much good
Exist in such a tiny heart?
Despite of all the pain she’s in
She never falls apart.
And if she does it lasts the length of seven songs
She dries her tears on her best friend’s sleeves and dances right along.