qui va fermer tout ces fenêtres?

Je rêve d’un jour être completement bilingue. Ou bien, au moins beaucoup plus bilingue que je suis maintenant. Je suis entrain de dire çela entre des centaines de petits erreurs dans mon écriture.

Je pense que j’ai toujours prit mon éducation bilingue comme fait, et je n’ai jamais vraiment travaillé pour maintenir ce cadeux que j’ai reçue a un jeune âge. Meme être capable de parler at ce niveau c’est quelque chose que je n’apprecie pas comme je devrait.

Je me pense bilingue, et je dit toujours que je suis bilingue, alors je pense que je vais essayer de pratiquer pendant cette année pour l’ameliorer.

Depuis seize ans, je rêvé d’un jour démenager à Paris. Je ne sais pas pourquoi Paris en particulaire, mais il y avait quelque chose qui m’ai tire vers ce ville.

Un jour, peut etre ca arrivera. Je ne sais pas. La seule chose de quoi j’ai certaine maintenant c’est que ma vie n’est pas certaine. Mais je l’aime comme ca. Je pense…

C’est facile de parler des rêves qui sera perdue, dans une langue que je suis entrain de perdre. Plus facile que de trouver quelque chose concret ou de trouver moi-même.

Je sais que la début c’est si solitaire que la fin.

A prochaine, peut être en anglais.

London Calling…

My Faerie and I are going to live in London. In the Bloomsbury area, near King’s Cross station, to be more precise.


Q: Why?
A: Why not?! Seriously, London is a city where life happens. It’s got character and charm and history and culture. It’s a fabulous place to be young.

Q: Don’t you know that London is like the most expensive city in the world?
A: Yes. This is why I’m saving money.

Q: What are you going to do there?
A: More interesting things than I’m doing here.

Q: Where are you going to work?!
A: Well, I’ll have my BJ by then. Ideally, I will be a coffee/tea bitch for the BBC. Or I could work in PR. Or be a tour guide of somewhere. Or I could waitress or bartend or whatever. I found a job in a foreign city once before, I know I can do it again.

Q: No you’re not.
A: That’s not a question and yes, I am!

I just thought I’d set the record straight that this is going to happen, in September of 2009. No one really believed I’d live in Ireland either, but I did. And I survived. And I’m doing this too. After all, it’s better than getting a real job.

Today, we’re daydreaming about tube stations and I’m going through the old budget calculations. I want to wait a year, but I know it will take that long to prepare and save! Plus, you know, I have to graduate.

Speaking of graduating, I was also looking up Master’s degrees today. I’d like to do one in Classical Archaeology or Ancient History. Eventually.

New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town….

I guess it’s time to talk about my past weekend in NYC. Let’s see… where to start?

It was bloody. fucking. hot.

I have never sweat so much in my life. I was literally dripping sweat. It was disgusting. It was especially gross because we were walking so much.. and also it got worse when you were underground in the subway waiting for the train. Ewww.

Another thing Fae and I decided.. we are too pale and too poor for NYC.

I don’t know what to say, really, other than I’ve been to London, Paris, Dublin.. and I’ve never been defeated by a city before. I really found it mean and busy and frustrating. And exhausting. And you always had to pay to sit down. It was quite ridiculous.

It was fun to see Strawberry Fields, the Statue of Liberty (which Fae assures me is important if you’re American), Central Park, ground zero, ten floor Macy’s, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, Times Square, etc etc…

But I don’t think I’ll go back. At least not until I’m rich. It had all the busy touristness of London, but none of the character. I just.. really didn’t enjoy it. And a lot of the time I didn’t really feel very safe. I don’t know. It just wasn’t anything special.

Seeing the musicals was AMAZING though. I saw Spring Awakening twice and Rent once! It was… awesome. Very very awesome.

Of course, the trip finished on a horrible note. They cancelled my flight out of New York on Wednesday night, because of some storm, and I had to “sleep” in the airport. I think I got about 40 mins of sleep max… it was freezing cold and horrible, I was sleeping on the floor. And then finally got a flight to Ottawa and got in a 9:40 the next morning… went home, showered and went to work for 11:30. Where I stayed until 9. And almost died.

It was awesome to see my Faerie though. I think it just made us both look forward to London (a MUCH cooler city) a lot more.

Shopaholic and Baby

Book number seven. Hey, I never said they had to be good books.

I think this one was my favourite Shopaholic book. It was fun to read. I really do like the style, it’s very entertaining.

What more is there to say about a Shopaholic book?

The movie

I just finished watching Running With Scissors, the movie. Maybe not the best idea RIGHT after finishing the book…

It was a good movie. It was really sad. But… it lacked all the humour and sex and drugs and insanity of the book! Which really was the best part. The book was interesting, the movie was just depressing…

Must go pack for NYC!