making things difficult

I’ve been making a conscious effort to steal from the music industry less often. I even bought the new Death Cab for Cutie CD.

I saw Prince Caspian tonight (which, by the way, is wonderful) and they had a beautiful new Regina Spektor song in it. So, I decided that I would buy it on iTunes, and be nice. Because I love Regina and I loved the movie.

Of course, iTunes wouldn’t let me buy just that one song. I would have had to buy the whole album. Which I don’t want. This happened last week, too, when I was going to buy that Nora Roberts’ Lifetime TV movie (yeah, I know) Blue Smoke, with Alicia Witt. For Alicia Witt, I swear. Anyway. You could buy it on iTunes, it said. Apparently, only in the States.

So all of my best efforts to not be a thief have failed and now I am downloading the new Regina Spektor song. Sorry, Regina. Put it on one of your CDs and I’ll buy it.

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