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Well, predictably I did not wake up and go running this morning. But I DID get a job. Which is nice. Starting Apr. 30 I’m the Lead Heritage Leader at Pinhey’s Point historic site. Yay for money and cushy city jobs!

I also got some more freelance assignments for Carleton Now. A few more photographs and a story. I know, I said I would never write articles in my spare time because I hate it.. but they’re paying me $0.30 a word. And it’s pretty easy fluff articles anyway! I don’t need to FIND sources, they’re handed to me on a silver platter.

So it looks like, if I remain patient, money matters may finally resolve themselves.

I am NOT doing so well, however, on studying for my Greek and Roman Literary Genre exam on Friday. Must read some plays tonight. And remind myself that I have a text book and two pretty boring primary sources to read for my Greek History exam next week.

I went to see my sister’s latest show today. Her Master’s directing workshop class was performing scenes they had all directed/acted in. The text they had was two scenes from Ariadne, and they were each to present it differently, but all using a lot of movement. I found it really interesting. There was probably a lot that I didn’t understand in terms of the movement and the acting, but it had me thinking about the themes in the Ariadne myth. Most important, memory and the labyrinth. Is the labyrinth a construct of memory? Is Ariadne the labyrinth? Is Ariadne a God-like figure, using her “thread” to orchestrate Theseus and the Minotaur like puppets? Is Theseus the typical hero, or is Ariadne? Theseus would have never defeated the Minotaur if not for Ariadne. Is the labyrinth a real place or a symbol for consciousness? Is the labyrinth really the maze of each person’s mind, created and sustained by memory and vision? And if it is, is the Minotaur then conscience and Theseus the triumph of will?

It’s interesting, anyway. I took a lot from it, and enjoyed talking to Laura and her friend Sarah about it afterwards. It gave me ideas about how I would write the myth myself. About the non-literal interpretations of myth in general. If my goal is to write my book in a sort of post-modern, disjointed way… then I need to think of these myths in a much less literal way. In terms of sound and space and movement, maybe, like they did today.

I also love the symbol of the labyrinth. I remember doing Labyrinth walking last year, and I think I would really like to try it again. It’s a great way to meditate and see your life in terms of a path. I’m also thinking again that I might get a labyrinth tattoo. There’s so much meaning behind it, not only in terms of the myth and history, but in terms of life’s journey.

Good day, today, I think. The weather is definitely helping my mood. I want to be outside forever.

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  • By Christine, April 9, 2008 @ 5:23 pm

    I must hear more about this summer job, sounds very cool. Congrats! Look at us all, with our big kid summer jobs, no more fast food chains or coffee shops. Onward and upward.

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